Garnet Metro Hoop Earrings 6.0ctw in 9ct Gold promo sale

This supreme Garnet Metro Hoop Earrings 6.0ctw in 9ct Gold will matching your fashion style and revamp your appearance into another height. It is unquestionably must have piece, please, you have to regard about it rigorously. There is nothing more important than your self and your own stature. How bout take a time to probe for even more detail before the items are sold out already. If it turns out you still feel obscure then you can investigate and see supplementary options. This fashionable items were grand art manufactured by QP Jewellers with the highest standards. Of course this Garnet Metro Hoop Earrings 6.0ctw in 9ct Gold is only available in very restricted quantities, and it just so happens that you are lucky to get the first chance to get it at fair price.

Product Details

Proportion: 3 mm (0.1 in) per earring. Handcrafted in solid 9 carat yellow gold (6.10 gr). Natural Rajasthan garnet (6 ctw). January Birthstone gift. 2nd Wedding Anniversary gemstone. Lifetime Warranty, Appraisal and Gift Box included.

Product Information

  • Category: Fashion Jewelry
  • Sub category: Earrings
  • Made by QP Jewellers