Hula Pie at Duke’s in Waikiki

Having visitors from the Mainland (or anywhere for that matter) can really disrupt life.  Nap times and bedtimes are thrown off, normal routines are all messed up; if they’re staying in Waikiki coordinating schedules can be challenging and we spend a lot more time on the road than usual, if they’re staying with us our house is more crowded, hot water is in shorter supply…you get the idea.  But the flip side is that having visitors is a great reminder that I live in paradise and it motivates me to get out and enjoy this travel destination I call home.  I run fewer errands and I get to the beach more.  I do less laundry and I eat more shave ice.

Heading to Duke’s with the family on a school night just for dessert?  Not going to happen…unless we have visitors staying in Waikiki who we want to get together with.  And that is how we found ourselves in this lovely spot last week…
…eating this delicious dessert.
I posted before about brunch at Duke’s.  I could have mentioned hula pie in that post but 1) I only blog about things as I do them and I didn’t have Hula pie with my brunch and 2) Hula Pie deserves its own blog post.  Yep, it’s that impressive.
First of all, it’s big.  For our table of 5 adults and 4 children the waitress recommended just 3 slices of pie and that was plenty.  The ingredients are simple enough: chocolate cookie piecrust, macadamia nut ice cream, chocolate fudge topping, macadamia nuts and whipped cream.  But the taste is delicious and the setting, especialy if you get to sit down by the beach under the tiki torches, adds to the experience.
Do it yourself on Oahu

Location:  Duke’s is located in the Outrigger Waikiki hotel at 2335 Kalakaua Avenue
Parking:  Duke’s validates parking at Ohana East.  To get there, go down Kalakaua Avenue.  After you pass the International Marketplace on your left and the Outrigger Waikiki on your right, take a left on Kaiulani Ave., another left on Kuhio Ave. and a left into the first parking garage you come to.
My tips:  If you are just there for dessert let the host or hostess at the front know.  If wait times are long they may offer you the option of eating at the bar or checking for seats on the beach level (my personal favorite anyway).  If you can’t find a place to sit in a reasonable amount of time you can get it to go.  We did that once and enjoyed our dessert on the beach in front of Duke’s.
On a Personal Note:  To our past, current and future visitors – getting to hang out with you and live like tourists for awhile is worth any chaos you add to our lives.  Just so you know.

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