Big City Diner in Kailua

Big City Diner serves a great breakfast.  Breakfast out, especially on the weekends, seems to be a popular activity in Kailua so it’s nice to have a few options in mind when you head out.  That way you can pick the place with the shortest line to eat at on a particular week, especially if you have hungry kids along who don’t want to have to wait a long time in line just to get a table.

Let’s see, what should I tell you about Big City Diner?  They have both indoor and outdoor seating available.  We’ve done both, but outdoors is always my preference.

And though I’m not restaurant critic, I know I should mention the food.  It tastes great and the servings are very large.  Our daughter decided to boycott eating the last time we were there, but even if she hadn’t our plan to let her share off our plates would have worked out just fine.  And for older kids who want their own meal I’d recommend this friendly pancake face which was a hit with our son.

Big City Diner is a great spot to enjoy breakfast with the family.  They serve other meals too, but I write about what my family and I do and we’ve only eaten breakfast there.
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Location:  Big City Diner is a chain with five locations on Oahu.  Their Kailua restaurant is located at 108 Hekili St #101, Kailua, Hawaii, 96734
Hours:  Sunday through Thursday 7am to 10pm; Friday and Saturday 7am to 12am (midnight)
Other:  They have high chairs and even, get this, restrooms.  So nice to have convenient restrooms, especially when eating out with children!
For more info:  Big City Diner’s website.  Phone number for Kailua location: 808-263-8880

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